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I’m Annette Warsaw – Jesus girl, farmer’s wife, mother to a beautiful daughter, and all around hug-loving, color + light chasing, “Frozen”-belting (or pretty much any music I may or may not know the words to!), baby-snuggling, foodie-obsessing, word-motivating, scripture-reading kind of person! Life is short. Live it and let me capture it!

MY WHY: Why do I LOVE being a photographer? First, I love people and connections.  I love getting to know people and being a small part of your world! And second, I adore looking back at photos (actually holding time in my hand) and feeling the joy, the sadness, the love, the humor, the memory that was captured at that very second. There are few things in our lives that can do that: music, scent and photos (images) Its scientifically proven. And if I can give you just a teeny tiny piece of that, I have fulfilled my purpose!

My inspiration comes from my passion for music, art, writing, and design!  Taking pictures is part of who I am, but capturing special moments is where I find joy. I believe God has given me these talents and I truly enjoy using them to create and share with others.

From my first memories, I’ve been using my imagination, capturing lost goodies in the yard, creating collections of small pieces of paper and nothings, and taking pictures.  My first camera was a wooden toy made by my grandfather and still sits on my desk.  As my love for art grew, I was always encouraged to think creatively, to look for answers and meaning beyond what my eyes could see.  I didn’t realize it then, but noticing small details inspired me to capture beauty in a way that could bring joy to others. I feel that maybe if we all looked closer at the things we see all the time, the minutia of life, we’d appreciate the gifts we’ve been given.

I like to collect, treasure, and create. That might mean detailing a day in the kitchen with my daughter, looking closer at a dry grass whispering in the wind, or catching light cast on old structures that have been long forgotten.   Every moment is worth looking at because it causes us to slow down, collect our thoughts, treasure what we have and use that for the better.

I cannot wait to meet you!




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